Top 10 Death Metal Manes

Just because the days of hair metal are long gone doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate the luscious locks of the extreme.

10) Jeff Becerra – Possessed

It is clear this old school frontman is possessed with much more than just musical talent!

9) Tomas Lindberg – At the Gates

We may live in a “world of lies,” but Tomas’s savage ginger locks certainly don’t lie about their radiant ferocity.

8) Jo Bench – Bolt Thrower

This chick carries more than the legacy of one of the greatest death metal bands ever on her shoulders. Her raven black head of hair is probably just short enough to manage with her busy schedule but still long enough to get the perfect headbang.

7) Pickles the Drummer – Metalocalypse

If you don’t agree with this pick, it simply means you is dildos.

6) David Vincent – Morbid Angel

Because who else makes sideburns look metal as fuck? Also, pictures of David from back in the 80s is bound to make any Peter Steele fans swoon.

5) Chuck Schuldiner – Death

They say that inside Crystal Mountain, evil takes it form. Well inside Chuck Schuldiner’s scalp, beautiful locks take its form, swooshing around as elegantly as his fingers on the guitar. RIP.

4) Terrance Hobbs – Suffocation

His hair is so legendary, it became a trademark part of the most highly demanded shirt from the band’s recent headlining Carnival of Death tour!

3) Jeff Walker – Carcass

It’s scary how closely correlated the life cycles of Carcass’s career and Jeff Walker’s hair are. Between Symphonies of Sickness and Jeff’s rad dreads, both were unabashedly down-and-dirty; outwardly gritty in style and form. Fast forward to Surgical Steel and Walker’s sharply sophisticated man, they are both precise and deadly as ever.

2) Jon Tardy – Obituary

If Tardy ever gets his hair “chopped in half,” the death metal world would collapse.

1) Ross Dolan – Immolation

Nothing gets as “close to a world below” than this New Yorker’s veil of inexplicably infinite and gorgeous locks. It puts the majesty in “Majesty and Decay.” I could make Immolation puns for a long time, but do yourself a favor and go look at more pictures of this man’s inexplicable hair. Then you will fully grasp why Ross Dolan eternally claims the title of best death metal hair of all time.